How to wow horizontally

What is a Bed Dance?  

A lap dance usually ends up turning into something more "horizontal"...  but before you go all the way...

Tease your partner with anticipation even more! 

In this video workshop, you will learn how to drive your partner wild with a series of sexy moves, sensual poses, and teasing transitions you do on top of your partner.  

Learn how to not hurt your partner when bed dancing!

Also - bonus - this workshop will help increase your hip, thigh and spine flexibility.

Let Nyla guide you through a sexy choreography that will make your bed dance easy to remember when you're ready to impress your partner with this unique skill!

  Nyla explains Bed Dance

  Part 1:
  How to get on and what do do once you're there

  Part 2:
  How to get off looking like a graceful siren

  Part 3:
  What else you can do on your partner!

  Includes warm up & cool down stretching, instruction, and demos!


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