Booty Bio-Mechanix
What you need to know 
to twerk like a pro
Learn how to look great when you twerk!

Parts 1 & 2

Part 1: 
The Bio-Mechanix of The Booty
Learn basic anatomy of the hips and how these muscles work. Which muscles are used for adduction and abduction and which ones are stabilizers and why this is important to understand the difference. Specific isolation exercises included so you gain the ability to communicate with these muscles for a proper twerk.

Part 2: 
Tilt Technique ~ “Pop, Lock & Drop”
This is the most common technique used in twerking and requires flexible hip flexors and low back muscles while relying on a strong abs for sharp, precise movements. Isolation and Pilates exercises included in this session establish the ability to separate the hip movement from the rest of the body and strengthen the pelvic floor. 

Parts 3, 4, & 5

Contraction Technique – “Booty Bounce”
This technique takes glute isolation to the next level! Discover several hip joint geometries that enable you to gain control over contracting each side of the hip and butt independently. Intense focus and body awareness bring the “squeeze” into your twerk practice. 

Femoral Rotation - “Booty Clap”
This technique is all about the legs. Exercises included will increase hip range of motion and flexibility as well improve isolation if the hip, speed and agility of the hips and is the technique most often seen when doing the “booty clap.”

PART 5: 
Vibration Technique - “Shake it!”
Extreme muscular tension is responsible for the shakes and shimmies you see in a master Twerk Technician. This can take years of practice. Learn how to connect to the muscles and use the Pilates “firming tension” exercises to achieve rapid firing muscle twitch.

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