"Loved this class.  I learned so much about how to walk in my high heel shoes!"  ~ Amy O.
The Original 
Slut Strut & Shoes Class
Now available at your convenience!
What you will learn from this class:
  • How to stand, walk, dance, & strut in your sexy heels
  • What to look for when shopping for shoes
  • Professional tips & tools for caring for your feet
Learn from an industry professional
Now you can learn anywhere, anytime, in the privacy and comfort of your own space with this video class from Violet Flame Studios.  

Join professional performer Nyla, The High Pimpstress in her studio to learn everything you need to know about how to stand, walk, dance, & strut in your heels. 
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What people are saying:
  • NOW I understand how my balance should work.  Thank you!
    Candace P.
  • Yep. Nyla does it again - The Shoe Class is fantastic. If you can't get there, get this. 
    Julie Q.  
  • This is a great gift idea!  
    Kelly B. 
About The Instructor
Nyla, The High Pimpstress

Nyla is a professional stage performer who has traveled the globe for more than 20 years.   Her 10+ years of experience as an exotic dancer gives her students the most authentic  sensual  dance instruction available. 

Although retired from performing in clubs as an exotic dancer, Nyla continues to perform in other mediums all over the world, including corporate events and headlining at local  burlesque shows.  

Nyla is also a personal fitness trainer; her current focus includes educating others in the art of sensual dance and shoulder rehabilitation for pole dancers.  Nyla is the founder and owner of Violet Flame Studios in Scottsdale. 
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